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A month ago, Lion City experienced one of the rarest moments where trees in certain neighbourhoods started blooming the most prettiest of flowers. While we're in Asia and never will we ever experience the four seasons, that day felt like it was Spring in Singapore. I was lucky to be in Pasir Ris that evening to see the beauty of mother nature. I just wished it had stayed that way a lil longer, tho.

On a side note, didn't realised I was clad in all Cotton On.
(except for my Dorothy Perkins' denim top)



I've always wanted to attend a runway show. The class and poise that illuminates the models while they strut down the runway excites me, so when a friend invited me to experience a design show recently, I was ecstatic! Although Temasek Poly's Design Show wasn't exactly Paris Fashion Week per se, it was still a great runway. I was in awe at the designs showcased. It's only after you have seen the actual pieces walking down the stage that you realised the amount of work and dedication it takes for one to formulate a beautiful design and make it happen.

 All that time spend on that seat, got me thinking whether I could actually do what these design kids do. I know I've secretly wanted to join TP Design school once upon a time, but when I look back now, I'm not so sure if I could have make it. For that, design kids who hunt and sew their own fabric deserve the utmost respect. 

I was excited to snap some photos during the show to share it here so others can also see the hard work and be equally impressed as I was. (Apologies for I can only state the names of designers to the collection I remembered cause there were 45 designers!)

Sesat Bte Kurafat. Designer: Anzahari Taib
Pieces. Designer: Zandra Ong
Bay. Designer: Wendi Goh
Gift. Designer: Ruixian Hu
Root of Faith. Designer: Laila Othman
H.D. Designer: Hadi Hanafi

And I finally met Hadi, a friend from Instagram! 
He's also one of the highlighted designers in the showcase and his collection was purely brilliant - Minimalist yet exudes class and elegance. Coincidentally, he is a best friend to my university good friend, Sakinah. She invited me and it was so, so lovely to have met all her friends.
Definitely a great night.